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Custom body prosthetics can benefit individuals who have suffered an amputation due to traumatic
injury, disease or congenital difference. Prosthetics designed specifically for the wearer can restore
function, provide protection and restore a natural appearance. The physical and psychological benefits
of properly fitted prosthetics are well documented. Custom-made prosthetics can be used for work,
sports, playing musical instruments and for everyday tasks as well as for social occasions.
Certified Prosthetists are highly skilled professionals with extensive training that includes a university
degree, two years in a post graduate program, two years of residency and successful completion of
national credentialing exams. Certified Prosthetists must continue their education and stay current
regarding the latest treatments and componentry in their area(s) of practice.
Our goal at Lifeart is to restore function and natural appearance comfortably and safely. We use a
holistic approach, taking all aspects of a client’s life into consideration when choosing an appropriate
type of prosthesis for them.
The process for getting a new prosthesis starts with booking an appointment, where a clinical
assessment is done. Funding options for the new prosthesis are also discussed. The second appointment
will be for casting and measuring; photos will be taken as well. Please be reassured that your personal
information will be kept private and confidential and only shared with funding agencies or medical
offices when necessary.
Generally, the process for getting a new prosthesis can be completed in three to four appointments,
with several days or weeks in between each appointment. Once a custom prosthesis is ready, there will
be a final fitting appointment. Care instructions will be provided and explained. If adjustments are
needed after some time using the prosthesis, another appointment will be scheduled.
All of our prosthetics are designed and fabricated in Winnipeg, Canada. Each prosthesis is made of the
finest materials and is latex free.
If you have questions about the prosthetic services that we provide, please contact us. We are here to

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