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Lifeart Prosthetics is a Canadian company that specializes in custom designed functional and realistic body prosthetics. The company’s founder Wendy Smith is a Certified Prosthetist with over 25 years of experience in the field of custom body prosthetics.

Wendy worked as a staff prosthetist at the Health Sciences Center in the Rehab Engineering Department. While there, she discovered there was a need for a custom finger restoration service.  Wendy taught herself the necessary skills to compliment her training as a Certified Prosthetist. Lifeart Prosthetics was started in 1995.


Blending her artistic creativity and her extensive clinical/technical prosthetic experience, she has created a practice that grows and changes according to her client’s needs.


Wendy is also a Clinical Anaplastologist which requires a different yet related skill set. In 2011, Wendy designed a soft, lightweight and adjustable breast prosthesis to help women manage breast cancer related body changes. The innovative design provides restored symmetry, comfort and protection along with the ability to adjust the prosthesis to get a perfect fit.

This feature is unique to Bressante breast prosthetics and is very important for anyone wearing a breast prosthesis. It is particularly helpful to women with uneven chest contours and those experiencing volume changes. 

Wendy is dedicated to making high quality body prosthetics accessible to those that need them.

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