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Hand Prosthetics, Cold and Phantom Pain

When someone suffers a hand injury and/or finger amputation one of the after effects is reduced circulation to the extremity. Impaired circulation can cause cold sensitivity. The effects of a hand injury are varied. Phantom pain and sensations are common. Pain usually diminishes over time but numbness and tingling may remain, even after desensitization. Sometimes wearing a finger prosthesis can help reduce these sensations. The intimate fit of a finger prosthesis provides gentle compression and increases blood flow. This can help reduce phantom sensations and keep the residual finger warmer. When a hand injury occurs, the tiny blood vessels and structures are damaged. The result may be an intolerance to cold. Having a problem with cold temperatures is very common and in my experience most people suffering a hand injury search for ways to alleviate the discomfort.

In the winter when it is cold out, be sure to wear mittens and/or gloves at all times. Heated gloves are available. I would suggest purchasing rechargeable batteries and a charger because heated gloves use quite a bit of power. Hand warmers such as “Hot Hands” can be purchased in bulk. Many people find them very helpful. Wearing your prosthetics or wrapping your residual fingers with “Coban”, tape will increase circulation and help keep your hand warm.

If your hands perspire, try using some talcum powder in your gloves to absorb the moisture. Keep your hands warm and dry and check them often for any discolouration or evidence of frostbite, especially if you are outside for an extended period of time.

· Wear layers; gloves inside a large, insulated mitten works well

· Look for gloves or mittens made with moisture-wicking materials

· Look for battery or electric heated gloves

· Hand warmers

· Hand muffs are a good way to keep your hands warm

· Finger Prosthetics can increase circulation to your fingers

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