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Finger Prosthetics

A hand injury can happen in an instant. Trauma, disease and congenital differences can change how the hand functions. Many people that have had a finger amputation complain of reduced function and discomfort from bumping their hand or fingers. Increased sensitivity can be a problem...

Breast Prosthetics

Bressante breast prosthetics are designed to hug your curves and mold to your unique shape. Our prosthetics are latex free and manufactured locally using the finest materials. Bressante prosthetics will boost your confidence and provide for more fashion choices while keeping you comfortable!


Custom body prosthetics can benefit individuals who have suffered an amputation due to traumatic injury, disease or congenital difference. Prosthetics designed specifically for the wearer can restore function, provide protection and restore a natural appearance...


Functional Restoration


Lifeart Prosthetics is a Canadian company that specializes in custom designed functional and realistic body prosthetics.

 The company’s founder Wendy Smith is a Certified Prosthetist with over 25 years of experience in the field of custom body prosthetics...

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